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Ultra wins land-use lawsuit in final ruling, Rapture officially dead in the water

There’s been no lack of desperation from Rapture to get Ultra Music Festival booted from its home in Miami’s Virginia Key Beach Park. Since Ultra announced the move, Rapture has issued a cease-and-desist, then filed an official lawsuit, which they lost, then almost immediately appealed.

During the first ruling dismissing Rapture’s lawsuit, the judge warned the plaintiffs against any further frivolous lawsuits, citing that any future appeals would be met with “prejudice.” Now a Florida federal court has dismissed Rapture’s amended appeal in a final ruling.

The court’s prejudicial ruling effectively prevents Rapture from bringing another federal suit against Ultra. The court stated,

“It is further ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that the case is CLOSED for administrative purposes. All hearings are CANCELLED; all motions DENIED AS MOOT.” Rapture still has the option of bringing the new state claims again.”

An official statement from Ultra Music Festival reads, “We are pleased that the Court has again declined to entertain, for the final time, the baseless legal claims against Ultra.”

While Rapture still has the option of bringing its case to the state level, it’s safe to say the festival is officially “dead in the water.” Read the official court proceedings below.


Featured photo: RUDGR/Ultra Music Festival