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Rapture Fest is no more: Miami judge throws out federal suit against Ultra

Just like that, with the swift rule of the hammer, and Rapture Music Festival is no more. A Miami judge has dropped a lawsuit brought on by Rapture organizers against Ultra Music Festival, and only three days after the complaint was filed.

According to official court documents, Rapture accused Ultra, the City of Miami Beach, and the Virginia Key Beach Trust of engaging in anti-trust, violating federal monopoly laws enacted with the 1890 Sherman Act. The judge threw out the action almost immediately, citing that both organizers applied for the use of Virginia Key, and while Ultra’s application was accepted, Rapture’s was not.

For two years, Rapture has been bringing house and techno acts to the Historic Beach on the same weekend as Ultra. The decision comes as Rapture had already begun selling tickets to what would have been its third event. Ultra had already claimed the lawsuit had no merit, but today a federal judge confirmed just how unmerited the allegations were.

Photo: Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images