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Haywyre delivers second installment of ‘Panorama’ EP series with 4-track ‘Panaroma: Form’

Future-funk master Haywyre has returned with his triumphant second half of the Panorama EPs. First came Discovermeant to be somewhat more experimental, and now Form, meant to be more precise and polished. Yet again, he has left listeners breathless and sweating on the dance floor with another series of groovy jams.

The project opens with the orchestral ambience of “Crystal Clear,” giving way to a seamless blend into the foot-stomping “Contagious.” That infectious funk then leads into the previously released single, “Let Me Hear That,”and closes out the 4-track effort with the soaring, emotional “With You.”

These projects are a delight and speak to Haywyre’s consistency and versatility. It’s impressive to see his growth as an artist, while he keeps delivering on the same sound that we’ve come to expect from the multi-talented musician. Tickets to his tour can be found here.