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Watch Virtual Self’s full live set in Los Angeles’ The Shrine Auditorium

A true creator in the global dance scene, Porter Robinson recently dominated the legendary Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles under his techno/early hardcore alter-ego Virtual Self. In a visually immersive set, with just over 6,000 in attendance, Robinson threw down a 35-track set packed to the walls with many adoring fans. Along the way, he unleashed his most defining Virtual Self track in “Ghost Voices,” along with multiple unknown IDs.

Thanks to the power of the internet, the entire hour-and-a-half journey is available to for streaming… and it’s a must-see. The all-encompassing production and authentic passion behind the Virtual Self project is on full display at The Shrine. Aside from the few tour dates in Las Vegas scattered throughout this year, there’s no telling when Robinson will bless his fans with another Virtual Self show.

The audio from the full set is available to stream on SoundCloud.