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MUST LISTEN: Blackmill just released a new track inspired by his son & its a symbol of love

For many, Blackmill was not only their first exposure to melodic dubstep but electronic dance music at large. It was a time when the umbrella hadn’t even been coined yet. But to this day, his 2011 Reach For Glory LP remains a pioneering work for the melodic dubstep movement.

Nowadays, the melodic dubstep trailblazer remains as inconspicuous and underground as it gets, only making music when something strikes a chord with him. He never much cared for fully-mastered studio cuts or hiring on marketing teams to promote his music. Choosing family life over a life of fame, he simply makes music from the heart, although it’s sometimes too few and far in between.

In this case, Blackmill took to Twitter this morning to reveal another unfinished cut that he says was inspired by his son. The track, titled “Coming of Age,” is quite literally everything fans have come to love about Blackmill: rising synths, vibrant orchestral strings, and smooth, rolling basslines driving a glorious top line melody. The song abruptly cuts off just under two minutes, but such is the case with any of the melodic dubstep master’s recent highly-personal self-releases.