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Stream Chee’s powerfully composed ‘Read Once Then Destroy’ EP

Chee is one person that everyone in the underground bass music world has had their eyes and ears on lately. Although his catalog dates back to 2014, the South African mastermind has been able to establish himself as one of the most unique producers in this realm of bass in just a couple of years time.

Only six months after releasing his Aggressive Generosity EP on Bassrush, Chee is back with another unique 4-track track EP, titled Read Once Then Destroy, with each track standing in for each word in the album’s title whole. From the shrilling ambient bass melodies on “Read” and the UK garage bop of “Once” to the ominous and contorted landscapes of “Then” and “Destroy,” Chee manages to craft yet another masterpiece that makes him one of the most versatile producers in the game.

Stream Chee’s Read Once Then Destroy EP below.

Featured Photo: c2h2 Photo