Hailing all the way from South Africa, rising bass producer Chee describes “the scene” in his city of Pretoria as unique because it accompanies a vast spectrum of genres. And it’s pretty clear that genre fusion has informed his latest amorphous EP, Aggressive Generosity. The 4-track project has been picked up by Insomniac’s Bassrush Records, whose long been known to have their finger on the pulse of cutting-edge bass music.

From the trip-hop sequences of the EP’s title track, “Aggressive Generosity,” all the way up to the glitched-out basslines of his closing track, “Poker Dot,” Chee is covering new terrain never before seen in the left-field bass scene. It’s darker, deeper, and more robust than most of what we’ve been experiencing. A standout track on the project is “Midnight,” with its incorporation of organic sounds over a gritty, robotic landscape, thereby transporting listeners onto a mellow, yet complex sonic terrain. If nothing else, Chee has laid down a short body of truly progressive work.

Chee has been making a name for himself in the US over the past year. Coming off his NA Pressure tour in 2017, the South African prodigy is currently supporting G JONES on his Ineffable Truth tour.


Written by Ryan Morse

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