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Lightning in a Bottle 2019 taps deep into the underground on stacked second phase lineup

The underground music scene is strongly represented on the second phase of Lightning in a Bottle‘s 2019 lineup. The additions slowly coming to light on an already-spectacular festival billing cover a wide variety of sounds throughout LIB’s seven respective stages.

The Grand Artique is back and loaded with a large selection of premium acts. This one of a kind stage offers epic talent shooting in all dimensions and directions including performances from the Fungineers, Smoked Out Soul, Datura, House of Hamsa, Tropo, The Grand Artique Talent Show, and more.

The Stacks stage, previously known as the Pagoda Bar, features the rising whimsical bass acts including dela Moon, EAZYBAKED, Edamame, LabRat, Light the Sky, Oscure, TRIBONE, and more.

All of the house loving, dance until dawn, attendees will find themselves moving to the beat at the Favela stage all weekend long. This lineup features artists coming from all around including veteran Burning Man citizens DJ Kramer, Lovestruckk, Massio, as well as artists DJ Dan, GrooveWell, and many more.

The Compass is designed for attendees to sink into the roots of their soul and listen to inspiring singers, rappers, slam poets, and other creative lyricists. Here you can catch enlightening activists such as Climbing PoeTree, Her Story, Malik Lovesyall, Rob Noble, and more.

Tickets are on sale now on the festival’s official website.