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MUST LISTEN: Lane 8 keeps up with the seasons in life-inducing spring 2019 Mixtape

Seasonal change is upon us. How do we know this? Because although spring doesn’t officially begin until late March, the first sprouts of buds have appeared on my peach tree and Lane 8‘s spring 2019 mixtape has arrived.

The This Never Happened label head has been producting his seasonal mixtapes for a whopping six years now, each signifying the times of change and evolution in their sonic storylines. With spring, as with Lane 8’s newest 3-hour-long mix, life happens again. One can feel it in the chill tones, in the changing tempos that warm the bones, and in the progressive structure that takes listeners through peaks and valleys of emotions

Lane 8’s mixtapes are a consistent mastery of form and curation every quarter, not to mention a showcase of the music which fits in his sonic wheelhouse. Spring 2019 Mixtape nods to remixes from Solomun to Luke Alessi, and Patrice Bäumel to Local Dialect, with originals from Luttrell, Jeremy Olander, and Bonobo.