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Sullivan King gives Swedish House Mafia’s ‘Save the World’ a heavy metal remix

Sullivan King is one of the few bass music producers whose bringing heavy metal back into dubstep. The young prodigy’s live shows are eclipsed by the electric guitar as well as King head thrashing over the decks. Now he’s taken on one of dance music’s most defining songs in Swedish House Mafia‘s “Save The World.”

As arguably the premiere song that broke “EDM” into the mainstream spotlight, the track is both among Spotify‘s Most Streamed songs and a portal key into any genre of dance music. Beginning with a self-written guitar melody that dives into the instantly recognizable lyrics, King builds an undergirding punk rock bedrock that gives way to a screaming pre-drop. Post drop is followed by heavy dubstep mayhem with thrashing synths and digital analogs back into the melody. The entire track smells of an early 2010s style of dubstep that was influenced almost entirely by Knife Party.

For King to remix “Save the World” is a statement in itself as he offers himself up as a gateway into the melodic/commercial and the underground/dubstep.

Featured photo: Anthony Chuang