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Stream Gesaffelstein’s stunning 10-track sophomore album, ‘Hyperion’

More than five years have elapsed since Gesaffelstein‘s debut LP release, Aleph. Now the dark king of techno, born Michel Lévy, is poised for his sophomore studio album, Hyperion, out now on Columbia Records.

Hyperion is both an ode to Gesaffelstein’s past signature sinister style as well as a marker for where he’s headed, especially as his style evolves towards a more pop-centric oeuvre. This is mainly evidenced by his collaborations with The Weeknd and Pharrell, along with the previously-unreleased, radio-ready tracks with HAIM, titled “So Bad,” and The Hacker and Electric Youth, “Forever.”

From the title track, “Hyperion,” to the book-ending closing track, “Humanity Gone,” which offer completely instrumental takes, to “Ever Now” and “Memora,” two tracks that nod to his debut album, the entire album is a well-seeded attempt to bring the avante garde to life in the commercial music world. Without a doubt, it brings the underground world of techno into the mainstream imaginary.

Today’s release quells some major anticipation for Gesaffelstein fans, who’ve been teased since October of 2018 with a series of cryptic billboards around the globe. Since then, Lévy had released the album’s lead single “Reset,” “Lost In The Fire,” and “Blast Off,” his collaborations with The Weeknd and Pharrell Williams, respectively.