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deadmau5 teases cube 3.0 tour + new album

With deadmau5’s forthcoming debut of the Cube 3.0 looming, which will be held at Ultra Miami‘s Live Arena on Saturday, March 30, more exciting news has surfaced regarding the future of his infamous stage set-up.

Thanks to a recent Instagram post authored by Joel Zimmerman, the man behind the mask, along with an accompanying tour website, it can be said with absolute unofficial certainty that a Cube 3.0 is in store. Exciting news, yes. Surprising? No, especially considering he’s taken all his Cube iterations on the road.

Over Reddit, fans are already attempting to decipher the code on deadmau5’s social media tour announce, which no doubt amounts to dates and stops, or some variation. See the ongoing progress here.

Over another Reddit thread, deadmau5 said that he’ll be working on yet another new album following Ultra, while his team locks down tour dates and details.

H/T: YourEDM