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Emancipator and 9 Theory release 4-track EP, ‘Cheeba Gold’

The legendary Emancipator has teamed up with producer 9 Theory to offer up a 4-track selection of a new collaborative project. Combining the best of both producers’ styles, the Cheeba Gold EP is a lucid stroll through downtempo, boom-bap drumming, andacoustic guitar sampling ambience, along with plenty of vinyl crackle and uplifting vocal samples. Emancipator returns to form with a characteristically beautiful and well-arranged progression of pieces, while 9 Theory lends his multi-instrumental production chops over to an expertly clean record.

Reminiscent of early Pretty Lights work, this project could be a soundtrack to any number of activities, from driving in the mountains, to winding down at a late-night festival set, to doing yoga on a beach. Cheeba Gold is out now on Loci Records.