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Bassnectar releases official tracklist for 7-track ‘Reflective Pt. 4’ EP

Although it’s not new news for his loyal cult following, Bassnectar‘s Reflective EP series is now entering its fourth installment. He’s previously spoken about specifics of the upcoming short form project in a previous Facebook AMA with fans, revealing four of the track titles.

What is new and exciting news for diehard bassheads is that the 7-track Reflective Pt. 4 EP now has its full tracklist and unofficial release date. Bassnectar previously spoke of the EP series as being about the spirit of collaboration, stating,

“the concept of reflective is really bout how we all influence each other when our mind’s ricochet off each other’s imagination, and so i just started loving that theme, and now it just doesn’t feel natural to stop.”

As it turns out, fans ought to be delighted to hear that Reflective Pt. 4 comes with two new solo Bassnectar originals, including the RD-assisted track “Dive” and “Undercover,” along with two new remixes, including a “Mothership Remix” of 2005’s “Leprechaun’s Arise” and a remix of Telefon Tel Aviv’s “Sound In A Dark Room.” It appears Bassnectar genuinely listens to his fan base, especially after so many of them cried online that they wanted more originals over the collab-frenzy he’d been on lately.

The fourth installment also includes three new collaborations, “It’s About To Get Hectic” with Jantsen, “Irresistible Force” with HAILO, and “Illusion” with PEEKABOO, all of which were premiered at DejaVoom last month. The official tracklist does in fact confirm the titles that his rapid fanbase previously IDed, which CE reported earlier this month. Two of the tracks also feature one of Bassnectar’s favorite vocalists, Born I.

As for his Reflective Pt. 5 EP, Bassnectar has already revealed the project would most likely include collaborative efforts with LUZCID, Dorfex Bos, Moody Good, DIGITAL ETHOS, and Gnar Gnar, if everything goes as planned.

View the official tracklist below and stay tuned for Reflective Pt. 4‘s official release dates, which Bassnectar unofficially stated would be due out sometime in early/mid-April.