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Conrank shares DejaVoom set + new collab with Mark The Beast

On the heels of Bassnectar’s already-legendary Deja Voom festival, we’ve been treated to a host of mixes, remixes, new tracks and live videos of some of the world’s foremost music producers. Collaborations and experimentation are coming in droves as listeners both fondly reminisce and look forward to emerging music from their favorite artists.

Conrank is no exception. Hot off his return from Mexico, he’s released both his set from the Pirate Party at Deja Voom, as well as a new collaboration with up-and-comer Mark the Beast. The 30-minute poolside mix is chock-full of classic dubstep throwbacks and is sure to please anyone who smiles at remembering the blue UKF logo on their YouTube playlists in 2010. “System Up,” on the other hand, is a look into modern dubstep trends, with all of the distorted rampaging basslines that accompany it. Stream both on Conrank’s SoundCloud.