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Stream Bassnectar’s ‘Reflective Pt. 4’ EP

Bassnectar has done it again in his latest 7-track effort, Reflective Pt. 4, out now on Amorphous Music. It’s the fourth installment of his Reflective EP series, of which he says there will come a fifth later this year, arrives just ahead of his big Coachella headline performance.

The bass demigod has already debuted three of the EP’s seven tracks live during his first Mexico-curated events, Dejavoom. Those three included two originals: the Jantsen and Born I-assisted “It’s About to Get Hectic,” a floppy throwback to the days of glitch hop, and the HAILO-assisted track, “Irresistible Force,” which is about a near death experience. It’s the sequel track to their other tune, “Surrender,” and a sister to “Into The Sun.” Then Bassnectar released the EP’s fourth track last week in the form of a Peekaboo collaboration, titled “Illusion.”

Now comes three more tracks, including two solo originals in “Dive,” inspired by punk and grindcore with an ethos of hardcore, and “Undercover,” which is an ode to older tracks like “Blow,” “Heads Up,” and “Kick It Complex” with it’s Kyrian scratched vocals. Then there’s a remix of Telefon Tel Aviv‘s “Sound In A Dark Room,” which Bassnectar calls more of an edit than a remix. He got special permission from Telefon Tel Aviv to tune up the track for his live sets.

Look out for more Reflective Pt 4. being played out live during Bassnectar’s headline set both Saturdays at Coachella, livestreaming online via YouTube at 12:30 a.m. on Channel 1.