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Desert Hearts releases full line-up for 2019 gathering

The Desert Hearts crew and its beloved founders may have started out a small collection of Burners out on the playa, but they’ve developed an entire North American movement over the past couple of years. Now, Mikey LionLee Reynolds, Marbs, and Porky are returning to their home at Los Coyotes Indian Reservation for a weekend full of House, Techno, and Love.

The festival, held April 26-29, is already sold out despite the guys holding back the line-up until just two weeks from the date. The reason being is that their hallmark Desert Hearts event is more about the collective’s unreal energy, core ethos, and vibratory connection—a guiding principle they picked up in Black Rock City, no doubt. Anyone whose been to a Desert Hearts throwdown knows it too, as the festival has grown from a small gathering to the truly transformative experience it is today.

The long-awaited lineup is finally out for their 2019 return, with stand-out acts like Cut Snake, Doc Martin, mau5trap favorite Rinzen, Axel Bowman, Will Clarke, and of course the beloved Desert Hearts crew. View the full line-up below and remember smart third-party ticketing buying practices like avoid scalpers!

Desert Hearts Festival 2019 Lineup