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Griz returns with full-length ‘Ride Waves’ LP [STREAM]

Energetic funkmaster GRiZ has made a name for himself with his positive vibes and exuberant blend of EDM, funk, and hip-hop. His songs have become feel-good anthems at festivals and venues across the country and now world. With a slew of music released over the past few years, including the acclaimed Good Will Prevail LP, the multi-instrumentalist producer has garnered quite a bit of success for himself and has shown no signs of slowing down.

Ride Waves is a 14-track effort that continues down the same trail that GRiZ has been blazing for the better part of a decade. Coming as his sixth full-length studio project, the LP employs a diverse cast of guests, including frequent collaborators Muzzy Bear, ProbCause, and Leo Napier, while also enlisting the help of Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, DRAM, and Matisyahu. The album winds its way through his saxophone-laced funky foot-stompers, positively charged rap verses, and the occasional dubstep bass blasts. The energy throughout is one of overt happiness and celebration, lending itself to a refreshing and easy listening experience.

GRiZ has quite obviously found his sound and is having no issue succeeding by sticking to the script. Anyone familiar with his work won’t find any real surprises here, but if you’ve enjoyed his music in the past, Ride Waves will surely please and delight. It’s energetic, inclusive, masterfully produced, and will be perfectly suited for any upcoming summer drives to the beach, mountains, or festivals. GRiZ also heads out on tour this summer in support of the new album. Tickets can be found here.