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Avicii’s parents to release post-humous album, ‘Tim’

The New York Times has just published a revealing interview with Avicii‘s parents, along with twelve of his close friends and collaborators. Coming as the first formal interview since his death, they all agreed on one thing: Not only did they not see Tim Berling’s suicide coming, they insisted he was in the highest spirits they’d ever seen him in.

After all, Avicii had big plans and tons of new material in the works. In the months following his death, fans began to question whether the music would see its release. Avicii’s family, still very much grieving, had remained silent on the matter, although a Swedish news source did report that Tim’s parents decided on releasing new music in his honor.

A full album, aptly titled Tim, will bounce between “psychedelia, Arabian music, sounds of the Caribbean and more,” reports the New York Times. Avicii’s Chris Martin collaboration, “Heaven,” will also be included. The Times goes on,

“‘Tim’… is not a posthumous collection of musical leftovers. Instead, it concentrates on songs the artist was far into writing and producing during the last three months of his life, songs which, his friends say, he very much wanted released.”

The interview is telling because it’s the first time Bergling’s family have revealed details over the album, which is arriving sooner than fans thought. In addition, the Bergling family also announced the formation of a charitable organization, the Tim Bergling Foundation, in support of mental health and suicide prevention.

Tim is due out in June, and its first track, “S.O.S.,” arrives on April 10.

Photo credit: Sean Erikkson. Via: The New York Times,