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Avicii’s family establish Tim Bergling Foundation in service of suicide prevention

Tim Bergling, known to the music world and his legions of fans as Avicii, was tragically lost to the world in April 2018. As the news that he had taken his own life reverberated across the globe, many were shocked at the circumstances surrounding his death. How could such a talented, successful and beloved artist’s story end like this? Unfortunately, it’s a tale that is familiar by now: a revered person, who externally appears to have everything they could possibly want, feels such unfathomable sadness that there appears to be only one way out.

His family is now undertaking an effort to not only prevent similar tragedies from happening to other people, but to cement Avicii’s legacy and remember him the best way they know how. During his life, he took part in many charitable works, including a House for Hunger tour in 2012, as well as donating considerable sums to charity over the years. Avicii always felt that his wealth was too much for one person and that giving back was the sensible thing to do.

“I discovered when I started making money that I didn’t really need it. When you have such an excess of money you don’t need, the most sensible, most human and completely obvious thing is to give to people in need.”

The Tim Bergling foundation will initially be for support of mental health and suicide prevention, but will eventually expand into climate change and wildlife protection. There is no official platform yet, but for now, there is a message board on his official site where fans have gathered to post messages about his life, legacy and music.