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Flume’s first single release in a year signals new, experimental direction: Listen to ‘Friends’ ft. Reo Cragun

Sydney-based sonic mastermind Flume is still riding the success of his experimental mixtape, “Hi This Is Flume.” The 42-minute minute hit the music world like a tidal wave last week, with Flume carving out the curl with mastery and true form. Once caught inside, Flume doubles down with tons of new original material, plenty of new collaborations, and experiments with entirely new sounds we haven’t heard from him before—of anyone for that matter.

Flume is known for being highly experimental, which is what sets him apart from the rest. He’s not afraid to take risks or go out on a limb. That’s exactly what Flume’s newest release encapsulates, which he dropped like a bomb today without warning, and he surely hits the lip. Titled “Friends,” the track enlists the soaring vocals of Reo Cragun, which are perfectly layered over Flume’s crisp, clean percussive strengths.

The track builds slowly and eloquently with angelic vocal chops, along with tearing and clicking synthesizers, then oscillates between two sounds after the drop—moody and melodic, with smooth, harmonized vocals leading the way, then loud and verbose, becoming a rhapsody of flutes, drums, bagpipe synths. It’s a bombastic break-up song that showcases a completely new direction for the prodigious Aussie experimental bass producer.