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Ravenscoon & Illanthropy capture the eloquence of suffering in soothing downtempo track, ‘Anguish’

How does one capture the true eloquence of human suffering?

As one of the lowest of feelings to exist on the emotional spectrum, suffering accompanies times of depression and deep inner turmoil, where self-hatred, emotional pain, and trauma rule the heart and mind. It’s “the empty feeling inside that gnaws at your core and hides behind your smile,” says Ravenscoon, who is lesser known by his given name, Paul Stew.

That was the core feeling behind “Anguish,” which the rising Bay Area bass talent penned and composed as a way to communicate and work through his depression. Ravenscoon would soon send an early raw cut of the song to his friend and fellow bass producer, Illanthropy, who now makes his CE debut. Initially built around a subtle melodic dubstep drop and soothing trance vocal, Illanthropy would add in plenty of his signature synths and twinkling arps, giving the song more structure and forward momentum.

The creative effort not only represents the effortless meeting of minds, but also speaks openly and freely to the heavy emotional work that accompanies riding feelings of hopelessness and self-doubt. Honest and intentional, the song captures the waves of depression crashing into us during our lowest points. At the same time, the song highlights the healing, glimmering spark of hope that works its way into our hearts—if we let it.