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STREAM NOW: Coachella alum Bassnectar is taking to the Outdoor stage live right now

Six years have passed since Lorin Ashton has taken to Coachella under his Bassnectar moniker, so to say his return was long overdue is a slight understatement. Back in 2013, Bassnectar brought his low-frequency bass to the Sahara tent, converting many mainstream kiddies to cult-worshipping bass heads in the process.

Now, Bassnectar is taking to the Outdoor stage in real time on the Coachella 2019 live stream. Fans watching from home will only be able to catch the last thirty minutes of the set, but it’s certainly better than nothing. Tune into channel one now to watch Bassnectar close out night two of the California mega-festival below. Also, watch a clip of his 2013 appearance at the Coachella Sahara tent.