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Stream Tipper’s 12-track downtempo journey into psychedelia, ‘Jettison Mind Hatch’

Coming off a magical three-night run at Spirit of Suwannee Music Park, Dave Tipper surprised his fanbase early last week when he revealed he had an all downtempo album coming soon. No release date was given at the time, so naturally, fans went wild over r/tipper with speculation over when the project would see the light of day.

Again, much to fan’s surprise, Tipper released Jettison Mind Hatch on Tipper Music yesterday, May 15. Tipper had been overdue for a downtempo album for some time, so the reception in the professional and fan community has been overwhelmingly positive. Known rightfully as a production and mastering genius in his own right, Tipper does not disappoint on the 12-track project.

From the album’s cheeky opener in “Sayonara” all the way to the closing moments of “Shelled” into “Oi- Oi- Spit,” Tipper takes listeners on a soothing journey into psychedelia, leaving them hanging onto his every sample and note. The sound design is layered and micro-edited, the mastering is crisp and clean, and the album is one that deserves to be heard on a very nice sound system.

Tipper’s Jettison Mind Hatch is also available to purchase on Bandcamp.