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Skrillex delivers first remix of 2019 in Kelsey Lu’s ‘Due West’

The promise of new music from Skrillex is enough to get any electronic music fan fired up. Recently, the man himself did just that on Twitter, telling listeners to “expect some other random releases in the coming weeks.” His remix of the tune “Due West” hit streaming platforms with a splash, and is the first of a wave of new music from the legendary producer.

After working on the original song with Kelsey Lu, Skrillex decided to put his own spin on the track. According to his Twitter, the two of them had a gig together, and he made the remix in the car on the way to the show. The song is an upbeat, bouncy take on the original version, released late in 2018. Skrillex has more music coming in the form of a much-anticipated Dog Blood EP, and we’re looking forward to hearing anything else he touches this summer.