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Whethan’s ‘Let Me Take You’ ft. Jeremih is a club ready house hit

Whethan‘s latest collaboration with Jeremih is a club-ready house hitter. Characterized by subtle, pulsating synths, smooth vocals, and energetic rhythms, their latest offering is a fresh, feel-good tune for summer.

Dipped in classic house elements such as snares and high hats, which notably stand out throughout the song, “Let Me Take You” is also composed of emotive lyrical insertions. Whethan then adds some effects and reverb to Jeremih’s vocals as the rest of the song unveils itself in an infectious manner.

“I had been sitting on this track with Jeremih for a while now and explored every possible version of the song before landing on this one,” Whethan says of the track. “I’ve been really inspired by a lot of house music and wanted to find a way to bring that into my world. It was important to me that I made something that people could really dance to. This is probably my favorite track to date and I’m just excited to show my fans where the future of my music is headed.”

Whethan and Jeremih’s joint effort is out now on Atlantic Records.

“Let Me Take You” ft. Jeremih