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Porter Robinson goes blonde, announces new music underway

Porter Robinson has undergone many phases in his creative career. From his “Spitfire” days and splashing into the dance music world with electro-house, to his iconic Worlds turn in 2014, to his Shelter project with Madeon, and now his Virtual Self alter-ego, the producer is constantly pushing his own personal artistic thresholds.

Now, on the brink of his very first curated event, Second Sky Music Festival, Robinson has coyly announced that he’s got new music in the pipeline. The news comes via Robison’s Instagram page, in which the burgeoning artist shows off his newly-dyed blonde locks. The heading reads, “If this doesn’t mean new Porter music is in the works then what the hell is going on.”

The casual announcement comes at the perfect time considering Robinson will be likely using Second Sky as a testing grounds for his new material. Whatever direction that goes, it will surely be inspired and innovative knowing Porter.