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Imagine scouting Tomorrow World grounds as possible site for 2021

When Imagine Festival organizers first launched their aquatic-themed adventure back in 2014, their goal was to make it the next large fall attraction to the South. It was around the time when Tomorrowworld folded after a chaotic 2015 iteration that left attendees stranded in the mud for days. Over time, Imagine has certainly filled those shoes, with line-ups, stages, and attendance that grow larger year after year.

Now it seems the Imagine’s parent company is one step closer in its quest to become the South’s next big-box fairytale festival. “Local officials will be meeting with Imagine Festival founder Glenn Goodhand about moving the three-day concert to Bouckaert’s Farm in fall 2021,” Chattahoochee Hills City Manager Robbie Rokovitz confirmed to Music Unfiltered.

As the former site of Tomorrowworld, Counterpoint, Echo Music Project, and Many Rivers Festival, Bouckaert’s Farm has long welcomed large-scale events into its grounds. It’s no wonder either since the property spans almost 8,000 acres.

The move would mark Imagine’s third since it’s 2014 beginning, which was first held inside Atlanta’s Historic Fourth Ward Park. The 3-day electronic dance music festival currently resides inside the Atlanta Motor Speedway, where an estimated 35,000 attendees walk through the gates each day.

Photo courtesy of Tomorrow World. Source: Music Unfiltered. H/T: EDMTunes.