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Stream Peggy Gou’s 3-track ‘DJ-Kicks’ EP

Peggy Gou is a great discovery that has been catching our attention as of this year with landings on prime festivals and after having received high recognition by a multitude of respected outlets and artists. With an oeuvre that falls between deep acid house meets experimental grooves, the Berlin-based artist is also a storyteller, sending doses of high energy to her crowd at all times.

With a number of short EP projects and singles under her belt, Gou has now graced fans with a samlpler EP ahead of her DJ-Kicks mix on !K7. The 3-track experimental pack features a variety of tempos, themes, and flavors. “Hungaboo” is a downtempo flow with oriental instrumentation that induces meditative effects. The track also signals a departure from her signature uptempo house-infused pulsations.

“Pert” is a collaboration with Hiver, which surrounds mind-boggling and hypnotizing melodies that injects rhythmic shimmers. “Cassette Jam 1993” features initial sci-fi sampling that leads into vocal chops mixed through wobbling synthesis and crisp patterns that hover over atmospheric soundscapes. It’s pure acid at it’s finest.

Prepare for June 28 as Gou unloads a DJ Mix Album for innovative imprint mix series, DJ-Kicks.