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Flume enlists London Grammar on warm future classic gem, ‘Let You Know’

When Flume announced early in the year that new music was in the pipelines, fans of the Aussie electronic experimentalist and future classic pioneer were in full swing rejoice mode. “2019 is the year of Flume,” many proclaimed. They weren’t wrong, as it so happens.

Flume began with a brand new mixtape augmenting entirely new creative decisions and signaling new sonic directions. Then, he furthered that new sonic oeuvre with the release of “Friends” with popular electronic dance music vocalist Reo Cragan. Now Flume solidifies his new musical turn in the form of a second release with London Grammar, titled “Let You Know.”

“Hannah and I wrote Let You Know last summer,” says Flume of the track. “I was on a writing trip to London, was actually the same trip where I first met slowthai. Had been wanting to make something with Hannah for a long time and this one just came together really naturally in the studio that day!”

The track is an aloof summer anthem that will transport listeners to a beach vacation at sunset. Complete with light-hearted toy box synths, offbeat snare kicks, deep horns, and a subtle Flume bassline, London Grammar soars on the vocals, switching between octaves and showing off her vocal chord talents. “Let You Know” is warm, inviting, and yet energetic and full of substance.

With two singles now on release, the anticipation of another Flume album is in full swing. After all, it’s been since 2016’s Skin that fans have had a full-length studio album.