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Hayden James releases long-awaited debut album, ‘Between Us’

Over the past few years, Hayden James has been securing his place in the electronic dance music world as one of the scene’s most eclectic and sought-after vocalists. The Australian songwriter and producer has been a featured vocalist for Jai Wolf as well as remixed by the likes of ODESZA. After having delivered his first EP on Future Classic back in 2013, James returns to the label for a long-awaited release of his debut full-length studio album, Between Us.

James has already released four of the album’s singles, from “NUMB” and “Just Friends” to “Better Together” and “Nowhere To Go,” all of which further solidified his strength for capturing emotionally-charged lyrics and transcendent vocals. Now joined by a series of atmospheric ballads, infectious dancefloor anthems, and upbeat collaborations with Panama, Elderbrook, Boy Matthews and many more, the LP utilizes vibrant horns, hushed tone and melodies, and catchy tempos. 

With a majority of the album’s tracks produced by co-produced by labelmate Cassian, Between Us is a milestone for Hayden James not just because it is his first cohesive body of work. More than that, the 11-track sonic masterpiece is a brilliantly thought-out and vulnerable manifesto that further lays out James’ signature style. This is an artist whose long known and embraced his own stripped-back style at the crossroads between electronic and pop.

Stream Between Us below and look out for Hayden James on his album accompanying tour beginning at the end of the month.