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City of Miami Commission introduces new resolution to attract Ultra back to Bayfront Park

Ever since Ultra Music Festival was booted from downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park, it’s been nothing but uphill battles for the global dance music festival giant. However, recent talks in the Miami City Commission is coming to terms with the fact that the premiere event supports the city too well financially to turn it’s back completely on Ultra — by hundreds of millions of dollars, to be frank.

After entertaining a motion to bring back Ultra to Bayfront Park last month, despite repeated petitions from downtown residents to remove the festival completely, the Miami City Commission has drafted a new resolution to bring Ultra home.

“We can not be running businesses out of the City of Miami,” Commissioner Manolo Reyes has gone on record saying. “Hialeah wants it. Homestead wants it. Everybody wants it. That’s why I want to know what happened.”

The resolution is on the city council’s June 27 agenda for the city council meeting, during which time the council will vote whether or not to officially offer a new contract to Ultra. Read the full resolution below.

Photo courtesy of UMF.