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Consciously plug-in: Electric Forest sustainability & Electricology initiative 2019 [Event Coverage]

Electric Forest (EF) is on the horizon for its ninth installment and festival goers are itching for the long four day weekend camped underneath the tall white pine trees. Sitting high on the list of largest music festivals in the country, EF rounds up about 35,000 attendees in one weekend leaving room for great destruction to the environment. As enthusiasm for the festival builds, it is important to be mindful of the impact each individual has and to arrive prepared to do their part.

With a massive amount of attendees comes a great level of responsibility for Electric Forest’s production team, Madison House and Insomniac Events, to take care of the land and the mess accumulated and often left behind. The Electricology initiative encourages festival goers to come prepared, party sustainably, and leave no trace all while earning EcoPoints that translate into unforgettable prizes.

The initiative starts with green deeds that include:

  • Joining the Great Carpooling Challenge by having three or more people in a vehicle or bike to and from the event
  • Camping in the Eco-Tents that are 100% recycled post-event
  • Collecting trash inside the venue and throughout the campgrounds
  • Sorting trash mindfully in the designated bin – compost, recycling, landfill

Electricology ambassadors will be scattered throughout the festival randomly awarding attendees for these green deeds with EcoPoints. Attendees can take these EcoPoints and cash them in for prizes at the Electricology store. Everyone gets involved and rewards attendees for participating including food vendors, sponsors, and artists. The top earners will have the opportunity to attend an EcoPoints party as well as winning an Electric Forest 2020 Good Life experience.

These sustainability efforts are a giant leap forward for music festivals of this magnitude. Joining forces together from both the production end and the consumer end to promote a fun and sustainable environment brings longevity for these events.