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Quasar Festival is bringing Texas its first LED flow festival + stellar bass music: Detox Unit, ill.Gates, Spoonbill, more

As the wide world of music festivals grows, so does the world of flow arts. Whether it’s moving with hula hoops, juggling, poi, staves, fans, or any number of props, people around the globe have been embracing flow, both as a standalone activity and as a great complement to attending live music performances.

Flow arts and music are becoming more intertwined, so it’s only natural that a number of festivals dedicated exclusively to flow are popping up as well. Some of these festivals have started boasting impressive lineups, and the brand-new Quasar Festival is no exception.

The world’s first LED flow festival, Quasar takes place in Texas in October. Traditionally, most flow festivals have revolved around fire props, but festival organizers wanted to try something different this time. The lineup is absolutely stacked, boasting sets from ill.Gates, Detox Unit, Defunk, Goopsteppa, Laika Beats, and many more innovative artists.

Attendees will have the opportunity to attend a myriad of flow workshops as well as hear some great live performances. We’re looking forward to seeing more events like this that combine learning and dedication to a craft with excellent music. More info can be found here.