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Electric Forest crime down from previous years, according to Michigan police

The books are officially closed on Electric Forest‘s 2019 edition and now the Michigan State Police (MSP) has released the official numbers of arrests made over the weekend. Only six people were arrested and detained in the Oceana County Jail during the four-day event at Double JJ Ranch.

The figure is a significant decrease from previous years, which saw a total of 27 people arrested and 31 people pending arrest in 2018. The decrease is no doubt due to the downsizing of the festival in 2019, whereas Electric Forest offered a two-weekend format in 2018 and 2017.

While only six people were arrested, a total of 24 people are pending arrest after review by the Oceana County Prosecutor’s Office, according to MSP.

“Current and pending charges range from felony drug and assault charges to misdemeanors which include assault, drug possession, operating while intoxicated, disorderly, and fugitive from justice,” stated Lt. Matthew Kanitz, assistant post commander.

The police presence at Electric Forest is known to be friendly, with smiling state troopers riding horseback inside the festival and seen taking pictures with attendees while trading kandi. Officers say they’re more concerned about the large-scale drug dealers and violent crimes, rather than people who may spark up during a set. Surprisingly, despite Michigan legalizing marijuana statewide this year, THC-related substances were still banned in the festival grounds.

Via: Oceana County Press. Featured photo courtesy of Electric Forest/Twitter.