Family-centered company Drishti Beats is breaking down barriers while forming a sacred union between vinyasa flow yoga and live downtempo electronic beats. The team is comprised of innovative composers and advanced yoga instructors that create a global experience for the mind, body, and soul. In the midst of their festival run including Elements, Lightning in a Bottle, and Sonic Bloom to name a few, the group released their newest single dubbed “Waterfall.”

The all-encompassing track invites listeners down a journey of upbeat flow and movement. “Waterfall” fuses key electronic synths, piano, beatboxing, Middle-Eastern melodies, and a solid bass line to construct a unique vibe perfect for a yoga experience. Lori Lowell, founder of Drishti Beats, described their mission as “creating an emotional experience that can connect people” using a vinyasa flow yoga class and live music. Be sure to join in on Drishti Beats’ interactive experience this festival season.


Written by Bridgette Mitchell

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