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Beats Antique shares eclectic new single ‘Sage’ with stunning live video accompaniment

Beats Antique has a storied history in the fringe corners of the electronic music world. The three-piece act’s eastern-influenced brand of experimental world fusion has been captivating festival-goers for over a decade. Hailing originally from the San Fransisco Bay Area, they’ve managed to take their unique fusion of “ethnotronica” to every corner of the earth with a deep discography dating back to 2007.

To witness Beats Antique’s eclectic live performance is to truly enter into the strange. It’s an off-kilter sort of experience once audiences become immersed into their world of choreographed belly dancing and impromptu instrumentation. The point, according to the band, is “to understand music as a combination of imaginative invention and the foundation of those who came before,” essentially, “looking to our past to understand the future.” Beats Antique’s newest single, “Sage,” speaks to this duality of calling on past experience in searching for the guidance to soar further.

The track, which sees its release on Beats Antique Records, enlists Elijah Badua, who is the son of a close friend to the band. As Beats Antique has watched the young talent blossom into an inspired musician over the years, they’ve seen his music so too transverse the duality of old world technique while taking on a rich contemporary approach. So the collaboration was a true match made in the cosmos. Above all, “Sage” inspires calm bodily movement with a healing savasana mental space, while the teacher inside the mind’s eye challenges you to close your eyes and seek deeper meaning within.

To accompany the track, Beats Antique has released a stunning live performance art video of the track captured at Red Rocks. With world class belly dancing by member Zoe Jakes and her troupe, Coven, the video offers the perfect audio-visual spectacle to make the music come to life.

For remaining Beats Antique tour dates for The Grand Bizarre, which will see the band at ARISE and Shambhala this August, head to their official website.