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Myrne releases ‘Starsigns’ ahead of new LP, ‘In Search of Solitude’

Mike Darling is no stranger to forward-thinking ethereal electronic music. A smooth blend of R&B, future pop, and mainstage energy, his MYRNE moniker captivates fan in both the realms of fantasy and heavy bass alike. His energetic live shows, coupled with his years of classical training, has planted him at the forefront of electronic music’s newest talent wave.

After releasing his debut Softsins EP on Mad Decent years ago, the now Monstercat signee is back with another release in “Starsigns,” marking his fifth musical outpouring of the year. This vibrant indie electronic gem is soothing and diverse and also speaks with lyrical depth through Sophie Simmons’ vocals.

“I’ve had the idea for ‘Starsigns’ in me for the longest time – a song that was gentle and earnest in concept, but euphoric in execution,” says MYRNE of the track. “When I met Sophie Simmons in LA to write, it took just a little over two hours from start to finish.”

Mixed in with fluid atmospheric synth-soundscapes and strong future bass rhythms, the radiant and chilled-out soundscape of “Starsigns” forecasts MYRNE’s upcoming LP, In Search of Solitude, via Ultra Music.

“To me, it’s a song about accepting an outcome but being thoroughly dissatisfied, and yearning to make the next time different,” continued MYRNE. “Sophie brought the emotions to the next level, and I felt this coincided perfectly for the themes I’m exploring in my upcoming LP.”

The album promises to be an introspective sonic storyline to mark a defining moment in his career in terms of personal growth and creativity.