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DVNGLEz releases budding halftime album, ‘Decoder’

After three proper EP releases, Candian trap producer DVNGLEz (aka Shaun Sallie) has spent the last few years on the sidelines. With an early catalog which drew on inspirations from Danny Brown, A$AP Rocky, and Mr. Carmack, his music was gaining in popularity right around the time the left-field bass movement was gaining steam in 2015. Now, after the release of his Incipient Terminus EP last year, DVNGLEz is celebrating his return with a budding half-time album, titled Decoder.

There’s something about halftime’s ability to get listeners moving into slow, low moving submission that incites bass music aficionados into embracing full-on darkness. The sub-genre has seen a rise in popularity over the years with the music of REZZ, Goopsteppa, SHADES, and more. DVNGLEz aligns himself perfectly with the halftime movement in this newest independently released 7-track effort. The only let down is that the album isn’t longer.

With collaborations from NIK P, Bothan, Cigz, and Zeal, Decoder plays out a lot like a digital journey into an augmented world of AI and binary code. Complete with hard-hitting synth-laden textures, crisp percussive elements, granular basslines, and ominous halftime tempos, Decoder is so much more than a collection of wicked and wonky bass tracks. It’s a carefully-constructed, nuanced journey into the unexplored lower-end realms of experimental bass. This is one album you’ll want to listen along to on the most advanced speakers.