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Watch this beautiful orchestral cover of Eric Prydz’s ‘Opus’ from Tomorrowland

After debuting his cutting-edge HOLOSPHERE 6.0 concept at Tomorrowland’s first weekend, Eric Prydz was forced to forgo a follow-up performance during the following weekend’s festivities due to a stage collapse. Fans were crushed, although no one was perhaps more sorely disappointed than the Swedish progressive icon himself.

Prydz was still able to close out the Freedom stage with a regular set, and Tomorrowland also honored the producer with a technologically stripped orchestral cover of one of his most defining tracks, 2016’s “Opus.” The re-imagining is a beautiful seven-minute rendition of the track, complete with a full string and horn section laying down the lower ends, the harp and xylophones taking on the entrancing top-line melody, and a full verse less chorus line oo-ing and awing in harmony. The rendition showcases the true diversity and timelessness of Prydz’s 2016 masterpiece.

Watch the Tomorrowland orchestra perform “Opus” below.