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Learn to blend DJing and performance through Ableton Live with GRIZ

This past year saw the triumphant return of GRiZ with his highly-anticipated Ride Waves LP. After a social media blackout for an entire year, the 28-year-old and self-described “future funk” artist released his most ambitious and personal project to date. The 14-track record ventured to fuse hip-hop, pop, and dance music in never-before-heard ways, all while keeping with the signature “future funk” style that fans have come to love. GRiZ has become a master of blending live saxophone with electronic beats and now he’s sharing that expertise with the music-making masses.

In this Point Blank tutorial, GRIZ runs through the basics of integrating Ableton Live for blending DJing and live performance into a smooth undertaking. Along the way, GRiZ provides aspiring producers with helpful tips for implementation of plugin elements and overall workflow development. An innovative producer, electronic DJ, and multi-faceted performer, Grant Kwiecinski’s main focus is his saxophone, which he incorporates into both his song production and live performance.

The 18-minute video gives insight into navigating song transitions by using specifics tools built into Ableton, such as an fx rack, and his Akai MPC 32. GRiZ further explains how he processes his live sounds by using feedback through stereo delay, as well as more hands-on techniques. By giving viewers a run through of his controller setup, mixer, and DAW, and fusing them all together, GRiZ develops a comfortable and organic approach to building music compositions from the ground up.

To learn more about DAWs like Logic and Ableton, head to Point Blank’s popular online courses for more guided self-learning on how to mix and master.

H/T: Magnetic Mag