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LSDREAM unleashes poignant new track, ‘Spaceship’ ft. Meredith Bull

LSDREAM is one name from the Wakaan camp who seems to be popping up everywhere lately. Now the former Brillz project has just released a captivating new single on his label home. Hot off the heels of opening for Bassnectar at his latest Be Interactive event last month, and putting on a stellar set at Camp Bisco, LSDREAM continues to keep the ball rolling with an enlivening masterpiece, titled “Spaceship,” featuring Meredith Bull. 

While the song’s title suggests something completely different, LSDREAM says the song is actually “dedicated to anyone who ever felt alone, isolated, different, but then found their tribe in our community of the weirdest and most beautiful people.” Then, when one listens to Bull’s simple but poignant lyrics, “come on this Spaceship with me/you know you want to be free,” it’s clear the song is about acceptance and ascendance. 

Technically, the track is packed with barrelling bass lines, barbarous melody lines, wompy synth arrangements, and mellifluous transitions — all layered supremely underneath Bull’s soothing, hypnotic vocals. The song is filled with so much complexity that it’s hard to even begin to describe it. This is one song that just needs to be played at a very high volume.

LSDREAM is slated to perform at a number of upcoming festivals over the next two months, with an appearance at Shambhala this weekend, along with Bass Canyon, Lost Lands, and the first-ever Wakaan Fest.