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5 things we learned about Tycho, AMA reddit review

Scott Hansen, lead innovator behind Tycho, took to Reddit for a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) discussion where he got personal with his beloved fans. The bulk of the thread revolves around Hansen’s creative process and the evolution he experiences from initial inspiration to a monumental album. This open discussion shines light on Hansen’s humility and willingness to share any knowledge he can to his adoring audience.

From his creative process and music industry views to his creative inspirations for the recent Weather LP, Tycho has truly let it all out. Here’s everything we took home with us from Tycho’s stop in at r/electronicmusic.

1. Tycho believes passion generates success in the music industry.

2. Weather is a musical ode to letting go.

In a previous AMA thread, Tycho disclosed his personal struggle with anxiety and how his musical journey has deeply reflected his triumph over the dark times. The new album, Weather, aligns perfectly.

3. Tycho is “hardwired” to create serene music that sends peace throughout.

4. Grounding down in nature is Tycho’s greatest inspiration.

5. The journey of creation is a long, tedious one but ends in ultimate gratification.