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Mystic Grizzly brings ‘A New Existence’ EP to Bassrush Records [STREAM]

When it comes to left-field bass, Mystic Grizzly has quickly become a CE favorite underground artist. Since the release of his Satellite Work long-player, which we featured on our Rising Bass Spotlight back in May, the Florida-residing artist has been building a movement around his raunchy blend of psychedelic grime, psybass, glitch hop, and world-influenced tribal beats.

It seems Insomniac has also caught wind of the experimental bass producer’s penchant for barrelling productions. The powerhouse brand’s offshoot bass music label, Bassrush Records, has picked up Mystic Grizzly for a brand new three-track EP that knows no sonic bounds. Enter: A New Existence, a budding short-form project that breaks the low-frequency sound barrier as Mystic Grizzly explores new dimensions of time, space, and thought.

From the uptempo trip-hop stylings of “Golden Age,” with its new-age spiritualist vocal samples, to the space-laced synths and alien noises of “Eradication,” all the way up to the EP’s apocalyptic closing track, “A New Existence,” the entire EP is a highly-energized journey into glitched-out breakbeat terrains that are nothing of this earth. A New Existence provides a stark contrast to Mystic Grizzly’s last release, which explores calmer tribal landscapes and mystical downtempo textures, offering more grounding evidence of his knack for doling out truly diversified bass flavors.