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Spotify launches Spotify For Podcasters

In their continued effort to become the dominate the audio streaming world, Spotify is taking on the podcasting terrain. Daniel Ek, the Swedish streaming giant’s CEO, recently announced the company was investing over $300 million in exclusive podcast content this year in the effort to make Spotify the “Netflix for audio.” Spotify then began beta testing Spotify For Podcasters.

Now the service leaves beta and puts Spotify well ahead of the curve for podcasts, which Ek forecasts will account for 20% of Spotify consumption. The tool will function much like Spotify For Artists, a platform that provides a meaningful opportunity for creators.

“In just shy of two years, we have become the second-biggest podcasting platform,” says Ek on the Spotify blog. “And, more importantly, users love having podcasts as a part of their Spotify experience. Our podcast users spend almost twice the time on the platform, and spend even more time listening to music.”

With a podcast audience doubling in size since the start of 2019, Spotify is looking to the future to become the top digital streaming platform for all audio. That’s why they’ve also made strategic acquisitions of two podcasting companies, Gimlet and Anchor. “Gimlet is one of the best content creators in the world,” says Ek, “while Anchor has completely reimagined the path to audio creation, enabling creation for the next generation of podcasters worldwide.”

By contrast, Apple is currently hosting close to 500,000 podcasts, while Spotify has continues to grow as a rapid rate.

Learn more about Spotify For Podcasters here.