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Mersiv, Laika Beats, & Knat Turner hit maximum overdrive on two-track Wakaan EP, ‘NKODB’

Mersiv is no stranger to collaborating with verse maestro Knat Turner. The two have worked together on countless tracks, including their most recent collaboration on Mersiv’s statement-making Digital Eden project. Now the two have teamed up with fellow left-field extraordinaire Laika Beats on a brand new two-track EP, New Kids on Da Block, out now on Wakaan.

NKOTB could not have a better home than on Liquid Stranger‘s esteemed imprint with its tumbling synths, eery melodies, high tempo perscussion, and face-scrunching drops. On the EP’s title track opener, the two producer’s influences are readily distinguishable and completely complimentary at the same time. Tuner’s hip-hop vocal samples float over aggressive layers of bass for an all-out sound assault that can easily classify as omnitempo maximalism. The EP’s second track, “Dopamine,” is where Tuner’s knack for creating expert verses shines, as Mersiv and Laika Beats create a ghoulish landscape that is built around seismic drops and haunting tones.

Mersiv and Laika Beats are both slated to perform during some of October’s most talked-about bass events, with Mersiv hitting Wakaan’s inaugural festival on the legendary Mulberry Mountain and Laika Beats heading to Quasar in Texas the following weekend.