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David Starfire and SOOHAN celebrate the world bass movement on Grativas charity compilation album, ‘Circulate Vol. 1’

When a project with this kind of ethos comes along, we can’t help but leap to the wire in support. Two of Gravitas Records‘ mainstays, David Starfire and SOOHAN, have curated a 12-track charity compilation, Circulate Vol. 1. The project has a two-pronged mission. The first is to show how beneficial music can be towards cognitive development and self-esteem in children. Therefore, one hundred percent of net proceeds will be donated to Beyond the Grade, a grassroots not-for-profit Austin-based charity that provides after school music education for underserved children.

“Music is proven to positively increase people’s happiness, learning, and creativity; however, many schools are not able to fund music education,” say the curators.

The second goal of Circulate Vol. 1 is to celebrate the world bass movement with remixes, original tracks, and collaborations with artists such as CloZee, Beats Antique, Desert Dwellers, and more. The album has been healthily teased with tracks like An-Ten-Nae’s “Kayu” and David Starfire’s remix of Beats Antique’s “Vesper Star.” Now the project is fully realized with CloZee’s “Flow Like Water,” SOOHAN’s remix of Kaya Project’s “San Pedro Rising,” and many more tracks that spotlight different songs from around the United States, Finland, Ghana, Canada, Hungary, Angola, Poland, France, and the UK.

Gravitas has been instrumental in contributing to cutting-edge electronic music that fuses traditional cultural music mixed with modern beats, bass, and rhythms. The curators put it best: “There is a movement in music with different cultures coming together musically with dance music, as dance crosses all languages and is a language of its own to be understood universally. From celebrations to rituals, dance brings people together.”

Listen to Circulate Vol. 1 below and be sure to support the charity album across all digital service platforms.