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David Starfire releases Beats Antique remix ahead of his Gravitas charity compilation

California multi-instrumentalist and producer David Starfire has been keeping himself busy recently. Between releasing new original music and contributing to virtual reality performances in Los Angeles, he’s now collaborating with SOOHAN to give back to the community. The Gravitas labelmates have curated a label-wide charity compilation, titled Circulate Vol. 1, that is due out on August 15.

Released on Gravitas Recordings, the compilation will feature renowned world bass artists like Desert Dwellers, Beats Antique, CloZee, An-Ten-Nae (who has already released a track for the compilation) and DJ Madd. Now, David Starfire has already offered his own selection on the compilation on a remix of Beats Antique’s “Vesper Star.”

The album’s full proceeds will benefit Beyond the Grade, an Austin-based foundation that works towards providing access to music education in schools that would otherwise not feature it in their curriculum. Founded in 2014, the organization’s aim is “providing opportunities for expression and empowerment” through after school music education programs in the Central Texas area.

The benefits of music for children have long been studied. Increased attention span, brain function, empathy, and memory have all been cited as reasons to keep music in school curriculums. Those benefits don’t even mention the correlation between music programs with higher attendance and graduation rate. Supporting this endeavor is important and worthwhile, and David Starfire, SOOHAN, and their collaborators are an inspiration to the electronic music world for bringing it into the light.

H/T: YourEDM.