Here at CE, we’re no strangers to Sully‘s violent brand of bass. Since the Los Angeles rising producer marked his debut this past spring with “Frequency Shift,” he’s followed with a steady stream of releases that always tell a larger, ongoing story. Now the Icon Collective graduate expands on his growing discography with a seismic fourth single that is every bit as explosive and earth-shattering as the last.

Dubbed “Quake,” the aptly-titled track offers listeners a small glimpse into Sully’s destructive beats with dark opening FX and atmospheric soundscapes to set the tone. The intensity begins to build as Sully quietly layers in ear-candy melodic aspects from the very first drops. Then, seemingly unexpectedly, the track switches into some hard-knocking drums interlocked with a high-pitched, wonky rhythm that creates Sully’s signature call. Sully says the song was built around a recorded sample of an actual earthquake:

“The idea for ‘Quake’ was super spontaneous. I was in the studio one day and wanted to flush out a quick idea before I went home, so I whipped up some build up drums and found a placeholder vocal from Diplo’s song ‘Earthquake’ to get me started. As I was working on the drop, I just kept the earthquake concept in mind and replicated that not only in the vocal phrasing, but in the sound design during the breaks and the drop. During the breaks, I even used a live recording of an earthquake I found to give me that crunchy, crumbling fill I was searching for. I think it also adds a lot of character to the track. See if you can hear where I used it!”


Written by Ryan Morse

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