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Shlump returns to Wakaan with massive ‘System Crash’ EP

California bass master Shlump is known for pushing the envelope with his music. Packing a distinctively heavy, experimental style, he’s made waves across the scene with his constant flow of releases and collaborations. Last year’s Lazer Beam EP, released on DEADBEATS, saw the experimental trap producer cement his sound and place in the larger pocket of left-field bass music.

Now, working with Liquid Stranger‘s vaunted Wakaan label, he’s put together four new tracks that see the continuation of his growth as an artist, while maintaining the recognizable “alien” sound that fans have come to know and love. System Crash is an aptly-named exploration of glitchiness, summoning the heaviest sounds from deep within computer mainframes to ripple speakers and subwoofers. While the four-track project is solidly packed with classic dubstep vibes and rhythms, Shlump takes each track to new heights with his intense and unexpected sound design.

The title track is an excellent introduction, filled with tension and buildup that finally explodes into one of Shlump’s signature thumping, head-noddingly heavy drops. The experimentation and polyrhythmic glitch sounds that pepper the record give the project a unique flavor as it continues through “Bum Rush Dub,” peaking with the intense and uptempo “Mysteries,” before closing out with the formidable classic sound of the final track “Spaceflight.”

Wakaan and Shlump are a formidable combination. System Crash is a record that solidifies his place in the forefront of the left-field movement, while he continues to develop his own identity as a music creator and innovator. Shlump will be performing at the much-hyped inaugural Wakaan festival at Mulberry Mountain in October.